Light Our Way

On The Track Guided by sun ray.

Light Our Way I


Light Track

Walking across the railway track to get to a forest trail.


Assuming its turn at night.

Out From The Shade

Emerging from a small path.

Light Our Way II

Right over here.


Look out!


Up, the only way.


Small part of the road leading to the town we’re staying at that could be seen along the trail.

Through The Fog

Fog that came out of nowhere; muddled the light from the sun that was going to set.


Light spots.



Descending with the sun.

Embrace The Sunlight

Embracing the sunlight and its warmth.


Mountains in the distance.

What Nya Looking At

Whadda nya want?!


Town and mountain dyed orange.

Till The Next Day

Till the next day.

Was really lucky that the fog cleared right before the sunset. Was feeling kinda down halfway through the walk along the trail as I was intent on finding some good spots to capture the sunset when the fog started to set in. Glad that I had some time before the sun disappeared behind the mountain!

That’s all for the 1st day in Taiwan. More pictures coming soon!


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