Waterless Basin

DSC08470 At 奮起湖, where there is no river despite its name.


The building that my traveling party stayed in. Was a wonderful place with a great view of the town and the mountains in the distance.


This was where we had our first proper meal in Taiwan: a place selling bento.



The moment we entered the store, we were greeted by the classic Chinese singles of the past and their charming singing voices. The interior was also quite pretty and gave off a very nostalgic feel, as you will see from the pictures below.


IMG_1110 IMG_1106

What I had for lunch: rice topped with delicious braised pork.


After our meal, we walked around the neighbourhood and explored it a bit to pass some time as our room was not ready yet.


A cat basking in the sunlight.


Heading to a store that sells desserts and drinks with Ai-yu jelly, recommended to us by the host of the house that we were staying in.


Signs that guide you to the location of the shop. It’s stashed away in a small alleyway that one won’t see if he doesn’t explore the area.


Early decorations for Christmas.


The entrance of the shop itself. The shop is run by an old couple, and their business is doign pretty well! The sign with the red words states that they have sold out already (We managed to get 2 of the last 4 portions remaining. Lucky us!)


View from our seats in the shop. I must say that designs of the shops here are quite beautiful, and the atmosphere it creates makes people just want to stay here and enjoy the scenery while enjoying a glass of ai-yu jelly.


The one with lime was very refreshing after long hours of traveling, while the one with pineapple was sweet and tasty.


Sign seen from our seats.

That’s it for the first half of the day at Fenqihu.

More pictures to come in my upcoming blog posts!


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